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Want Us to Come to YOU?

Strength from Shadows is available for workshops and performances for schools, colleges, teachers and communities as part of their on-going mission to change the world through music, theatre, dance and video. In addition, we will visit senior centers and offer programs for the seniors

involving theatre that explores the memories of the participants told through theatre.

FINANCIAL SLAVERY: THE COLLEGE DEBT SENTENCEis available for college campus and high school performances. Performed at Rutgers University and The College of New Jersey! Contact us if you would like us to visit your campus.

SHADOWSthe anti-bullying drama is available for high schools and middle schools. Performed at school districts, the Edinburgh Fringe and professional development around the Tri-State Area. Contact us if you would like us to visit your campus.




Spoken Word Workshop at our recent Anti-Bullying Conference,

led by the incomparable Alyea Pierce.

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