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Shadows, The Community Inclusion Show


Shadows is the award-winning, original theatrical experience that brings to life true stories of

young people's experience with bullying today. This moving and dialogue provoking piece hits issues of weight, sexuality, bias, language, the internet and the adults who interact with the students in the world of high school. With over 7000 audience members so far, this piece has impacted high school students throughout New Jersey and New York and was seen by sold out audiences at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. You can bring it to your school.  The piece offers dialogue and debate afterwards to allow reflection on the communities' own strengths and solutions for inclusion and safety in their schools. Curriculum with lesson plans included.

As of Nov. 2016, this show is being updated and revised to be appropriate for college campuses as well as high schools. It is also being revised to reflect recent social and political shifts in our country and across the globe.


"Shadows continues to have an impact on the educators who attended the performance. Many of them have reported that it has motivated them to look more closely at what is happening with their students."

(Kean University Professional Development workshop)


"The well scripted and engaging performance was able to competely command the undivided attention of the Buena Regional High School student body, a feat not easily accomplished.  Furthermore, the presentation you've created hits the HIB issue head on and pulls no punches in its delivery to the students. There is a definite need, and perhaps even a mandate, for schools and society in general, to address the hurtful actions and dialogue that are taking place place amongst us daily. I truly respect and admire that you are making such an active contribution to that need."

(Moses White, Principal)




Appropriate for Grades: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Audience: 200

Residency/Workshop/Performance: Performance/Workshop

NJ Standard(s): Health

Arts Standard(s): Theatre, Music, Video

Curriculum: Character Development, Storytelling, Video and Film, Visual Arts, Theatre

Art Form(s): Theatre, Video, Spoken Word

Length: 45 minutes


Cost /Single: $1500

Cost/Multiple: $2000/2 shows

Cost With Workshop: $2500 – includes a 45-60 minute workshop with a 20-30 member group of students from the

host school and our artists, exploring how they can use their own art resources to tackle social issues in their community.

Professional Development for Teachers Available upon request.


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