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Strength out of Shadows SOS

Mission Statement

Strength Out of Shadows is a group of artists who utilize visual, performing and media arts to create dialogue and change within their communities. SOS works with a three tiered approach utilizing performance; community workshops; and ongoing education activities to create grassroots change which builds upon the strengths of the community and the expertise of the participants.


Some of our Works

Strength out of Shadows is a grassroots, student-driven group of young people who have come together to use the arts as a medium for exploring issues of social importance in their community.  Exploring possibilities through art since 2007 and officially established in 2010, this group is led by Michael Pinnix and Jennifer Little who have won critical acclaim from political leaders in New Jersey and New York, as well as winning the Golden Bell Leadership Award for Innovation and Education from the Mental Health Association of NJ and a regional Emmy Nomination for their original devised drama, "Shadows," which explores the stories of bullying.  "Shadows" recently returned from a wildly successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland.
In 2013, Strength from Shadows begin working with Theatre of the Oppressed,  creating a new Forum Theatre piece, "Choices," which allows the audience to step in and change the outcome of the story.  Helping to create dialogue around are choices truly irrevocable and who is around us to help?​


Since then, SOS has created the critically acclaimed "Financial Slavery: The College Debt Sentence", exploring the high cost of college and long term economic burden it imposes.


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